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Scoliosis Testimonials

Adolescent Scoliosis


Dr. Diana is amazing! For years, my husband and I have received regular adjustments and my son has received scoliosis treatments. What a difference it has made! We rarely get sick and my son’s scoliosis curve has significantly improved. We love Dr. Diana’s natural approach towards general health and wellness and highly recommend her to everyone. I can’t image ever going anywhere else!  Dr. Diana is an amazing doctor and has become a wonderful friend.


My curve has gotten so much better and I don’t even have to wear the brace.  My posture used to be bad but now it is perfect!  My right shoulder used to be higher than my left and my shoulder blade used to pop out.  Not anymore!  I have not had any sinus infections either!  Chiropractic care has helped me so much!  Dr. Diana is amazing!  She has helped me get through so much!  If it wasn’t for her I would’ve stopped dancing!  Some of my friends have scoliosis and I tell them all to come meet Dr. Diana!  She is certified under the CLEAR Institute and there are not many doctors that have that in New York!


I would highly recommend Islip Chiropractic PC. My daughter suffers from scoliosis and we are working with Dr. Diana for the past year and a half to correct her curves naturally without surgery. We are seeing great results with her care plan and shall continue seeing Dr. Diana. My wife, son and I also see Dr. Diana D'Angelo for our chiropractic needs. Dr. Diana is a very caring individual and we couldn't be happier we chose her and Islip Chiropractic PC for our chiropractic needs. The facility is also very clean, the staff is professional and great to work with.

Adult Scoliosis

'I am now being treated for scoliosis and doing the CLEAR program two times a week which Dr. Diana oversees.  These treatments have helped tremendously!  I no longer worry about sudden movement putting me out of commission for a week!  My thanks to Dr. Diana and Dr. Laura!'


'It has made my scoliosis less visible it has improved my posture and I find that these exercises are better and I enjoy doing them more than the physical therapy I was doing.'


'I found out I had scoliosis like 3 years ago. My job has me always on my feet. I was always crying in pain & thought I’d feel like this forever. I tried multiple chiropractors before & felt no results. However, at Islip Chiropractic, I felt a difference literally after my first visit. I can actually sleep now without tossing and turning to get comfortable & be able to stand at work without being in extreme pain. My back & neck has been in less pain ever since I started going here. I totally recommend coming to Islip Chiropractic. It’s changing my life.'


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