East Islip Chiropractor

Islip Chiropractic advantage:

96% of our patients refer a friend or family member. 

We go beyond pain relief by providing structural rehabilitation of the spine, through a scientifically proven, evidence based process so that pain is gone for good and 93% of our patients reported they experienced better posture.                                                                            We provide a very thorough evaluation and detailed analysis before treating each and every patient.

How do you help a community get healthy? Start with corrective chiropractic care.  At Islip Chiropractic, located in East Islip, NY, our goal is to provide exceptional corrective chiropractic care coupled with empowering health information that transforms how people choose to live their life.  

When people are introduced to our office, they find it refreshing to experience our approach - a comfortable environment, a warm greeting from our team, a doctor who truly listens and answers your questions, detailed consultations and exams, and corrective chiropractic care that addresses the root cause of each person's challenges.  

We take care of you as we would our own family.  Stop searching, you have found the place to get healthy. Dr. Laura Bowen, DC has an established wellness center and has proudly been serving Long Island, NY for 14 years. Welcome.


Dr. Laura is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. Dr. Laura along with the staff at Islip Chiropractic are dedicated to providing only the finest care through use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. 

Our office utilizes state of the art postural assessment equipment that picks up the smallest deviations and allows the doctor to prescribe specific exercises for each patient. A report is generated so the doctor and patient can easily and quantitatively track progress.  It allows the patient to better understand how postural abnormalities affect pain syndromes, body function and health. 

When scheduling your appointment, be sure to make an appointment to have your children's posture evaluated too.  Many times postural deficiencies begin during childhood (video games, texting, stomach sleeping, heavy school bags).  Wouldn't it be great to stop these deficiencies before they progress?