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Jorrell Pinckney

"I love the environment soon as I walked in. The young lady at the front desk is very helpful and polite. Dr Laura gave me a lot of insight on how to Help me self heal from a partial ACL tear that I been living with for almost five plus years. After the Vibration platform I knew oh ya I’m definitely coming back here to heal naturally."

Ashley Towell

"Dr. Laura is amazing. I'm feeling better already. I have been to several chiropractors and she is the first one to actually help!!!"

Marie Castiglione

"I found Dr. Laura about eighteen months ago. I was looking for a more natural holistic approach to help with my pain and healing after a servere accident six years ago. When you walk into her office you are greeted by a warm and friendly staff ! I see her massage therapist Patrina prior to my adjustments with Dr. Laura between both treatments I leave there feeling relaxed and able to get though the day.
Dr. Laura takes the time to listen, she gives you the means to help yourself at home in between office visits. I feel more like I am visiting family then going to a doctors office. Thank you Dr. Laura ❤️"

Laura Dreyfus

"Dr. Laura & Jessica are wonderful!!
Always so friendly & such a pleasure.
My kids love going to see Dr. Laura."

Naima Cakirlar

"Dr. Laura is not only my health care provider, she's a dear friend. I am a biological mother of ten children. When I came to Dr. Laura, I had severe lower back pain/sciatica and slow moving bowel movements. Dr Laura educated me on the mind - body communication and why it was necessary to adjust the spine. Also, having a proper diet and mind set. One year later I can dance, play sports, and my business has had a 29% increase in revenue and clientele! I can now sit for long periods of time to read and finish paper work. My children are now attending and experiencing the benefits of Dr Laura's knowledge/skills and kindness. Dr Laura has change the quality of my life and has become a wonderful friend. Thank You Doctor"

Joseph Sarnicola

"After relocating to East Islip from NJ, I experienced severe back pain to the point that I could barely walk or stand up straight.

I did not know anyone in the area that could refer me to a chiropractor so I had to take my best guess. I chose Dr. Bowen because at least she had an online presence and there was a face behind the company.

Upon meeting Dr. Bowen, I felt confident that she was determined to help me and had the expertise to do so.

After a few visits, the pain greatly subsided. This was both due to the work done at the practice and the exercises she recommended I do at home.

In addition to helping my spine issue, Dr. Bowen also provided me with some valuable information on diet and exercise.

Overall, Dr. Bowen exceeded my expectations and I would be more than confident recommending her to a friend or family member."

Greg Sleter

"For years I was reluctant to visit a chiropractor. But upon returning from a vacation that included numerous trips on roller coasters, my neck and left shoulder were stiff and tight. I first thought about visiting my regular doctor, but wasn't sure what would be the course of treatment.

I visited Dr. Laura at Islip Chiropractic and after a few treatment sessions, she had corrected my issue. In addition to having a wonderful bedside manner, Dr. Laura also dispelled the myth that one has to visit a chiropractor "for ever." I highly recommend Dr. Laura and Islip Chiropractic."

Anthony Burrell

"The best chiropractor I've been to in over 20years!"

Laura Greco

"After moving to East Islip, I knew I needed to find a local chiropractor. After one visit with Dr. Laura, I could tell she would be worth traveling to even if I didn't live in East Islip. Her adjustments & treatment techniques are top notch (& I have been going to several chiros for over 20 yrs)! I love coming to her office- it is such a great atmosphere. Thank you Dr. Laura for putting my spine in line!!"

Jennifer Dukoff

"Islip chiropractic is fantastic! Dr. Laura and her staff are friendly and accommodating! The adjustments are AMAZING!!!!"

Pamela Lumer

"After suffering with severe back pain for over I year I decided to finally seek out a chiropractor. I am so thankful I did because Dr, Laura is truly AMAZING! She is informative, caring and just plain awesome! I always walk out feeling like a new person."

Christian Hart

"I have received chiropractic care from Dr. Laura since before she opened Islip Chiropractic and was happy to follow her to this location. My wife and I went just recently to turn our "power on" and left feeling great! We live in San Francisco and this was my wife's first chiropractic adjustment, and she left immediately wanting to pursue regular chiropractic care. Dr Laura is the best and her staff are unbelievable! Thanks Dr Laura!!"

Christian Aaron Pickney

"Dr. Bowen is terrific!! The office will go out of its way to accommodate you when you are in need. Professional, relaxing atmosphere.

I recommend Dr. Bowen if you need a chiropractor."

Becca Nicolino

"Dr Laura is the best! Always walk out feeling like a new person and she is extremely accommodating for last minute or emergency appointments."

Elisa Irvolinno

"Amazing chiropractor, especially with children. Very important asset to my Arsenal of holistic practitioners."

Chris Gleason

"Excellent chiropractor, been coming here for the longest time. Highly recommend!"

Lisa Lourenco

"We love using Dr. Laura as our Chiropractor to stay in alignment! She is so flexible with our ever changing schedule."

Cynthia Shankman

"Dr Laura has wonderful hands. She knows exactly how to keep my spine in excellent health and structure. I have a great deal of confidence in Dr Laura. When she adjusts me I can feel her confidence and her great skill working on me.  She is amazing with all ages. She has her own young children so I she is working on them and has so much experience. Dr Laura understands health on all levels! I love her!"

Anthony M. Smith

I would recommend to anybody with a tight back or pain. I didn't realize how bad my back and posture was until I was realigned. I really feel relieved and better about my overall health.

Tommy Shark

"Dr. Laura's office is one of the best offices I have had the pleasure of going to. She corrected my back pain in just a few visits! The office is incredibly clean and beautiful. You really feel at home coming here. I would recommend anyone to this office (just not during my times)"

Kerri Callahan-Liselli

"I've only been going to Dr. Laura for a week, but already I feel amazing. After suffering for years with hip and lower back pain, I find myself wondering why I waited so long!!!!!!!!!!!"

Loretta Sullivan

"Dr. Laura is an excellent chiropractor and a good listener. She knows just how to adjust your body and makes suggestions on how to keep healthy.
I have recommended her to my friends who have also received help from her and sing her praises. Her positive attitude and friendly smile are always a welcome relief."

Krystle Kayla Romano

"Yesterday Dr. Laura took me in last minute because I was experiencing so much neck pain. I went in and instantly the receptionist made me feel welcome. Dr. Laura listened to all of my concerns and made every effort to try make me feel better. This morning I woke up like a brand new person. I will absolutely be recommending her to all of my friends and I will be back soon!!!"

Christina Seibert-Stander

"The absolute best my son was on the verge on needing tubes in his ears..due to frequent ear he's all better and we go for all around general recommend to anyone. Dr. Bowen works great with children..all 3 of my boys get adjusted!!!"

Adam Lachman

"I train 5-6 days a week, I get adjusted regularly because it helps me get the most out of my workouts. It helps ALOT!"

Micaela Milano

"I started seeing Dr Laura while pregnant and she has been a saving grace! I was experiencing chronic pain in my lower back due to pregnancy and Dr Laura helped me gain proper alignment which kept me mobile. The treatments also helped alleviate blockage from an ear infection. Dr Laura is very professional, kind, friendly and experienced; I recommend her services to my family and friends and will continue seeing her for ongoing treatment to maintain a healthy spine/alignment."

Erin Lynch

"Couldn't say anything better about Dr. Laura! I will never trust anyone else with my back again!"

Amy Habel

"I slipped and hurt my tail bone and after the first adjustment felt so much better. Highly recommend Dr.Laura she's very good at what she does!!! Office & staff are very inviting. Looking forward to my next visit."

Jodi Mercedes

"Dr. Laura is so incredible! I go to her and she did wonders on my baby girl when she was just a few months old!
I highly recommend her to everyone!
This is coming from someone whose mom was a manager in a chiropractic office since I was a little girl. I can confidentiality say Dr. Laura is one of the best Chiropractors I've ever been to!"

Amanda Ascher

"After only my first visit I feel transformed! Wow!! The office is very tranquil and Laura was so informative and gentle. I learned so much while being there and it really put a lot of things into perspective! Definitely would recommend to others!"

Kerrin Cross

"My entire family sees Dr. Laura! Babies, kids, pregnancy, sports injuries, or general wellness--she does it all. Don't know where I'd be without her!"

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