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Alternative Approach to Ear Infections

Ear infections are the top reason for pediatrician

visits each year. With the start of a new school year, they will account for close to 35% of office visits.By the time your child is a year old, there is a 50% likelihood they've had an ear infection and by three, 2/3 of children have experienced one. How many times has your little one had one? I've seen children on antibiotics as often as 1 time a month for fourteen consecutive months!! Symptoms can include pain, irritability and fever or you may simply notice your child tugging at their ear. A lot of people don't realize that ear infections can be of viral or bacterial origin. In fact more often than not they are viral infections. A lot of times simply coming about after or during a cold. For many children they can become a chronic problem recurring yearly and even monthly! Since the ear canal in a child is shaped differently than in an adult sometimes the fluid does not drain properly. This puts the child at risk for hearing issues and associated speech and development issues. It also results in parents having to take time off from work and your children missing out on school. Gentle #chiropractic spinal adjustments mobilizes drainage in the ears preventing and alleviating the build up of fluid. Children then build up antibodies allowing their bodies to fight the infections more efficiently on their own.

Doctors of chiropractic are trained to diagnose and treat patients of all ages and use a very gentle touch on children. Next time you suspect your child has an ear infection be sure to contact a pediatric chiropractor. Call 631-647-8324 to schedule an appointment today or book online

Laura Bowen D.C. Islip Chiropractic P.C. 99 E. Main St Suite 2

East Islip, NY 11730 We accept most major medical insurances, medicare, no fault and worker's compensation.

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