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Sleep Positions: What is Best?

Sleeping Correctly

Are you misaligning yourself while you sleep?

Helpful tips to guarantee that you are sleeping in the correct position for proper LIFE flow:

*Avoid sleeping on your stomach. In this position, you will be blocking the nerves in your neck for 8 hours straight (these nerves supply your thyroid, sinus’, neck muscles, shoulders, arms and hands)

*Whether you are on your back or stomach, make sure your spine is ‘straight.’ You can get a mirror and check yourself to make sure you are lined up correctly.

*Avoid using two pillows

*When lying on your side, have a pillow that is the width between your shoulder and your ear.

*Make sure your shoulders are not under the pillow.

*Avoid tucking your chin down when lying on your side.

*It takes a solid month to begin breaking poor sleeping habits.

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