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The Magic Of Magnesium

Presently, magnesium supplements are everywhere, but why should you need one? For those who may not know, magnesium is crucial for the human body. Basically, it is a nutrient that your body needs for nerve function, making protein, and many other things. Islip Chiropractic stands by the mineral and its positive effects. So, we are often asked, “which is the best supplement”? This may seem like a silly question, because there are dozens at your local grocery.

Generally, not all supplements are the same, even if they are all the same nutrient. Sound odd? We agree, and although they may seem the same, Islip Chiropractic is here to explain. Before we get into what it does, it is important to know that forms of magnesium metabolizes differently for everyone. Finding a  mineral for your body can and will make your body healthy.

The Role of Magnesium One of the biggest draws to the supplement is how it makes you feel. Humans need energy to function. Further, humans go through something called homeostasis. To clarify, this means our bodies are breaking down and rebuilding parts of ourselves internally. Simply, to get stronger your body must rebuild as fast it breaks down. This is where magnesium supplements come in. cella in your body need ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to function quickly. To emphasize, ATP is the molecule where energy comes from. Every cell relies on ATP to function properly. Magnesium attaches to ATP to make the chemical breakdown and rebuild run faster. Significantly, this duo optimizes your body to heal.

Which Supplement Works? Although magnesium can be in our daily diets, you may not be getting the proper amount. This happens from farming practices, the environment we live in, and chemicals. This is why finding the right supplement is crucial. Each form of magnesium has different advantages. For example, Malate is known for helping with fatigue and depression, while Citrate may help with bowel functions. Also, adding chloride to magnesium is good for detoxification and kidney function. Then there are forms where you do not digest that have melatonin to help with sleep. As always, consult your chiropractor for the right supplement for you.

Finally, If you need help finding the right supplement, or have any doubts, please contact us by calling 631-647-8324 or thru our website.

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