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How do you help a community get healthy? Start with corrective chiropractic care!  At Islip Chiropractic, located in East Islip, NY, our goal is to provide exceptional corrective chiropractic care coupled with empowering health information that transforms how people choose to live their life.  

When people are introduced to our office, they find it refreshing to experience our approach - a comfortable environment, a warm greeting from our team, doctors who truly listen and answer your questions, detailed consultations and exams, and corrective chiropractic care that addresses the root cause of each person's challenges.  

We take care of you as we would our own family.  Stop searching, you have found the place to get healthy.

Dr. Laura Bowen

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Dr. Laura Bowen, DC and Dr. Diana D'Angelo are Corrective Care Chiropractors serving East Islip, NY and the surrounding towns.


Click on a link below to request an appointment today. You will receive and e-mail confirmation when the appointment is accepted. Once your appointment has been accepted, you will receive a separate e-mail with a link to our patient portal. This must be completed 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to gaurantee your scheduled appointment time. 

If you are an existing patient who has not been seen within 6 weeks a longer time slot is required and the requested time slot may not be available. A link to our patient portal will also be e-mailed, and must be completed prior to your scheduled appointment time to gaurantee your time slot.

Many times with g-mail accounts this link will be in your spam folder. Please be sure to check there if you don't see it in your mailbox. 


If you have previously been seen by Dr. Laura or Dr. Diana you can request a Chiropractic Adjustment with either one of them for future appointments. 

Thank you in advance!

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Long Island Scoliosis Specialist
Long Island Scoliosis Specialist
Long Island Scoliosis Specialist
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