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Chiropractic Wellness Care

             At Islip Chiropractic, we strive to bring our patients the most up-to-date care to help get to the root cause of their health concerns. 

Below are some of the services that we provide.

Wellness & Corrective Chiropractic Care

We are a family wellness office that specializes in structural corrective care.  This enables us to get to the root cause of different conditions and make more permanent changes in your health.  Depending on the results of a patient’s examination, a unique plan will be made that is tailored to that individual’s findings. 


Our office utilizes state of the art postural assessment equipment that picks up the smallest deviations and allows the doctor to prescribe specific rehab and exercises for each patient. Additional imaging may be requested to gain a better understanding of what is going on.  A report is generated so the doctor and patient can easily and quantitatively track progress.  It allows the patient to better understand how postural abnormalities affect pain syndromes, body function and health. 

Our office provides care for some of the toughest cases as we have a variety of different structural corrective tools and equipment that is utilized as needed for our patients.  No two individuals are the same and it is important to us to be able to provide comprehensive treatment to help patients achieve optimal health. 

Some of the techniques that we offer at Islip Chiropractic include the Pettibon System, CLEAR Institute Technique, Gonstead, Activator, NET, etc. 

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle.  It is also a time where there is a lot of physical and hormonal changes to the body to accommodate the growing baby.  During pregnancy, a woman can experience heightened imbalances along the spine and nervous system.  These imbalances can lead to countless physical symptoms. 


Many women do not realize that ‘common’ pregnancy symptoms that can last for long periods of time can be helped with wellness Chiropractic care.  Regular Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy has also been known to help your body have a smoother, shorter and less painful labor and delivery.  Our doctors are mothers and understand the journey of pregnancy not just clinically but personally as well.

Preggo Pic.jpg

Chiropractic Care Post Pregnancy

Regular Chiropractic care following labor and delivery helps assist in postnatal and labor recovery.  Once your baby arrives, your body is once again changing.  There are changes to help your body bounce back from pregnancy.  There are also changes in your activities of daily living that occur as you take care of your baby.  You may find yourself in positions that you’ve never been in for longer periods of time.  This can include changing diapers, changing clothes, feeding your baby, carrying your baby, carrying car seats and more.  All these changes can cause misalignments along your nervous system. 


Regular Chiropractic care can help minimize these changes and allow you to be the best version of yourself in this new chapter in life. 

Chiropractic for Children

At Islip Chiropractic, we are a family practice that sees individuals from their first breath to their last.  The first time there can be an imbalance in a child is during the birthing process.  Even with the smoothest labors and deliveries, imbalances can occur along a child’s spinal cord and neurological system.  These imbalances can lead to different symptoms and effect development.  The only way to know is by getting your baby’s spine and neurological system checked from day one.  After a baby is born, there are countless physical / chemical / emotional stressors that can interfere with a child’s development.  As a child grows, there are many situations where children can develop misalignments.  These situations include learning how to walk, playground injuries, sleeping on stomach, texting, bookbags, poor posture, sports, etc.  Imbalances in your baby or child can lead to numerous conditions as listed below:


                          ADD                       ADHD                    

                          Autism                  Asthma  

                         Allergies                Reflux                 

                         Bed Wetting          Colic       

                         Torticollis              Ear Infections     

                         Rotated Feet         Scoliosis

                         Sleeping Issues    Toe Walking      

                         Twitches                Headaches     

                                    Behavioral Issues   

                              Frequent Colds Infections  

                                 Developmental Issues       

                                     Digestive Issues

                                            and more...


The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association published an article in 2015 titled the “Incidence of Somatic Dysfunction in Healthy Newborns.”  One hundred healthy newborns aged 6 to 72 hours old were examined and assessed for somatic dysfunction.  Ninety nine out of the 100 newborns had at least one somatic dysfunction.  These were found in the cranium (or skull), cervical spine (neck) or sacral spine (base of spine).  There was a correlation between these somatic dysfunctions and length of labor.

Our office performs a comprehensive examination to check your child’s brain and body connection along with testing primitive reflexes and more.  As mothers ourselves, we understand that all children are unique and require individual attention as no two children are the same.  Depending on the results of your child’s examination, we will put together a specialized child tailored plan for him or her.  Every parent wants their child to develop and grow into the healthiest individual they can.  Many health challenges that adults have, begin developing earlier in life.  Give your child that opportunity with Chiropractic.

Waddington EL, Snider KT, Lockwood MD, Pazdernik VK. Incidence of Somatic Dysfunction in Healthy Newborns. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2015 Nov;115(11):654-65. doi: 10.7556/jaoa.2015.136. PMID: 26501758.

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