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Are The Little Ones Feeling A Bit Cooped Up?

We can relate! It’s important for parents to continue encouraging exercise time for their kiddos—not just to burn off that excess energy, but to reinforce good, healthy habits! Out of ideas? We’re here to help. Check out these seven fun ways to get exercise… for the little ones and you!

Dance Party

An oldie but a goodie! Put on some fun music and get to grooving—the options are endless. You could do a musical version of Simon Says, build a routine move-for-move, or you can even find a free and fun dance along on YouTube to get started.

Hula Hoop

It’s time to clear some space and get those hips moving! And remember, the more interactive you make it, the better. We recommend putting on some of the little ones’ favorite tunes and playing a stop and start version: hoop when the music’s going, let it drop when it stops!

Hopscotch Toss

Seems super simple, but there’s nothing more fun than bringing an “outdoor” game inside. Grab some (easy-to-remove) tape and lay down some hopscotch lines in the kitchen or living room. When the little ones are tired of jumping, collect some rolled up socks, create a tape line a few feet away, and get rolling. Have the kids stand behind the line as you call out box numbers for them to try rolling the socks into.

Balloon Bounce

A classic! Grab a balloon, blow it up, and tell your kids not to let it touch the ground. They can only tap it to keep it afloat—keep track of your longest volley and see if you can beat it! Just make sure you have plenty of floor space and that there’s nothing breakable in the area.

Treasure Hunt

Create a list of objects for the kids to find! You can keep it simple by naming off already-existing items in the house for them to retrieve and bring back to a designated spot (first one wins!) or you can make it more detailed, hiding a list of items across the house for them to find—bonus points if the treasures are healthy snacks!

Obstacle Course

Create a little obstacle course for the kiddos to get moving! It can be anything you choose—couch cushions for rolling or climbing, a string maze for bending through, taped lines for jumping. The sky’s the limit—we recommend doing a bit of light Googling for some great ideas!

Indoor Basket Toss

Grab a laundry basket and stick down three lines of tape a few feet away—one close, one farther and one the furthest. Then grab some stuffed animals, bean bags or rolled up socks and get to throwing!

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