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Correcting Your Bad Posture

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Are you tired of being tired? Postural distortions wreak havoc on your body and nervous system. Read this to find out how you could improve your energy levels and how your body functions.

Correcting bad posture and the physical problems that result can be accomplished in two ways. The first is by eliminating as much “bad” stress from your body as possible. Bad stress includes all the factors, habits, or stressors that cause your body to deviate from your structural midline. Bad stress can result from a poorly adjusted workstation at work, from not having your seat adjusted correctly in your car, from carrying too much weight around in a heavy purse or backpack and most commonly texting and playing video games. The second way to improve poor posture is by applying “good” stress on the body moving your posture back toward your center of balance. This is accomplished through a series of customized exercises, stretches, adjustments, and changes to your physical environment, all designed to help correct your posture. Getting your body back to its center of balance by improving your posture is critically important to improving how you feel and how your body functions. Remember your posture is a window to your nervous system and overall health. Dr. Laura has helped many patients improve their posture, reduce scoliosis distortions and improve their overall health. In most cases, digitalized posture analysis programs decrease the likelihood of needing an x-ray analysis as well. Dr. Laura is certified in many techniques, including but not limited to SOT, Webster's Technique, Thompson, Cox, Pettibon Corrective Care, Diversified, Chiropractic Biophysics, Gonstead and Sacro-occipital techniques. Call 631-647-8324 or visit to schedule an appointment today!

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