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Are you, or someone you love living with symptoms that result from the progressive condition Forward Head Syndrome? We can help, read here.

Forward head posture is a most common postural alignment problem with most everyone. Forward head posture or FHP is the result of repetitive forward head movements such as but not limited to – working at a computer all or most of the day, students hunched over a desk, people who do a lot of driving and those with a history of a whiplash type of accident that was not taken care of properly. In addition to the above chiropractors are also seeing an increase in patients coming into clinics with neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches and numbness and tingling into their upper extremities due to our society's chronic overuse of our mobile technology i.e. text messaging, checking and responding to emails, tweeting and facebooking on the go.

For the above reasons this is in part why forward head posture is one of the most common postural alignment problems. Over time with our repetitive daily activities and our forward bent posture our heads begin to shift forward altering our alignment of our cervical spine, working its way down our spine column and affecting our postural alignment from our head to our toes. Normal postural alignment should be such that our ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears should all fall along the same vertical (plumb) line but with forward head posture the head tends to stick out a bit further forward of the shoulders and the vertical line is not vertical.

A simple way to check your #posture is to have someone assess and look at you from your side or to take a picture of yourself form the side standing as you normally would.

Some symptoms that maybe associated with forward head posture and poor posture in general include difficulty breathing, neck and upper back pain or stiffness, difficulty sleeping as well as #headaches. Over time forward head posture can lead to chronic muscle strain, arthritis, disc lesions and pinched nerves. Mayo Clinic Health Letter, March 2000

"For every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds." Kapandji, Physiology of the Joints, Volume 3

Some of the things that you can do to correct for your forward head posture are to take note of your posture and correct for it through postural exercises and stretches. Correcting forward head posture is not going to happen overnight, it takes time for the body to adapt to the new postures and corrections. One of the steps in achieving a better posture is to make a visit to a Corrective Care Chiropractor to help relieve your neck and upper back discomfort as well as any other muscle imbalances that maybe present to help achieve and improve on your body's biomechanics and posture.

Call Islip Chiropractic at 631-647-8324 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Laura Bowen today. Let us help you help yourself get to a better posture – Say No to FHP!


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