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How Much Screen Time Does Your Teen Have?

It could lead to back pain, neck pain and/or headaches. Kids are spending more and more time on the computer. They're surfing the web, on Facebook, watching YouTube and doing school work. Tech-time is taking a toll on our kids. Too much sitting can lead to both neck pain and back pain. Thankfully, research shows teens can avoid back pain by proper ergonomics. Headaches, back aches and shoulder pain are all known to be tied to computer usage. Ergonomics is a way to reduce that pain as well as computer peripherals such as notebook risers and exterior keyboards. If your teenager is complaining of head aches, neck pain or back pain, call your local

chiropractor. A chiropractor can determine if the ailment your child is suffering from is due to a postural distortion due to poor ergonomics. Dr. Laura Bowen has been working with Long Island families since 2004. As a mother of 2 she is an invaluable resource to the community. If you haven't done so already, "like" Islip Chiropractic

on Facebook for the latest in wellness news. Call 631-647-8324 to schedule an appointment. Most insurances plans accepted & family plans are available.

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