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Raking Does Not Have To = Low Back Pain

This fall, before you tackle your yard, be sure to follow these simple pointers by this East Islip Chiropractor: Warm up! Jogging in place or doing jumping jacks are both simple and effective ways to accomplish this.

Stretch. In particular bending and extending your back muscles. Practice members with Pettibon wobble boards use them now. Also include some deep knee bends with out turning at the waist.

Be aware of your body mechanics. Don't keep your feet planted and continually turn at your waist. This is how you will get hurt. Try moving at the hip and pivoting at your foot in order to minimize the stress to your lower back.

Keep your knees slightly bent. Raking with stiff, straight legs is never a good idea.

#Raking the leaves or using a blower to put them on a tarp makes it much easier to put them into bags. When bending and lifting be sure not to bend at your waist. Use your legs by bending at your knees instead. A leaf vacuum will minimize the bending you must do as well.

These simple tips can potentially save you from having to deal with lower back #pain. If you still experience discomfort be sure to contact your chiropractor for an evaluation. Call 631-647-8324 to schedule an appointment today.

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