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SCIATICA-What is it?

#Lowerbackpain, #buttockpain and #pain down the back of your leg is often times referred to as #sciatica. These pains are caused by pressure placed on the nerves that exit your spine through the lower vertebral bones. This pressure may be the direct result of subtle or severe subluxations of the spine, arthritis, a bulging disc or possibly even muscles.

Unfortunately some people try to ride out the pain and wait for it to subside on it's own. The problem with this approach is when the pain subsides the original cause remains hidden. Some time may pass (6 months, a year even 2 or 3 years)  before another episode occurs due to an #injury, daily #stress, or #overuse. The difference being, this time it's worse.

If you are not functioning at your optimal level and pain is interfering with your quality of life, don't wait, make an appointment TODAY! Call 631-647-8324. Gentle spinal adjustments address the cause while decreasing the likelihood of this condition recurring in the future.

Dr. Laura Bowen, DC

Islip Chiropractic

99 E. Main St. Suite 1 & 2

East Islip, NY 11730


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